Pop Guitar

In just 6 months, a new learner will go from zero to playing the guitar proficiently. Under teacher Ah Tian, you will learn the correct sitting posture, how to hold a guitar, how to string, which digits of the hand to use, how to strum a tune in a steady manner, how to strengthen your musical acumen, etc. After mastering the basics, you will progress to playing different genres of music. In the Advanced classes, you can play songs from your favourite singers.

Teacher Ah Tian's musical score is different from the simplified guitar chords that you download from the internet. Basing his score on the original key, he personally grab hold of the prelude, interlude and ending of a song and combine them with non-guitar elements to form a comprehensive music sheet.

As students gain proficiency with the guitar, they will gradually discover the intricacies of a score based on their own interpretation. From this, students can pick up even more skills, learn to improvise, and blend the guitar seamlessly with their singing!
Teacher Ah Tian's humourous and fun style of coaching immediately puts students at ease. He believes students should find learning pleasurable so that the guitar can become their best friend in life!



Ukulele is a very popular instrument. Because it is so small and cute and has only 4 strings, it is perfectly suited to children and people with small hands. Our teacher will set the pace according to students' rate of progress, so that they can quickly gain proficiency and start playing their favourite songs. Be it at gatherings or dinner parties, your performance will be the brightest star of the evening! Come-on, let teacher Ah Tian help you embark on your Ukulele journey now!


Classical Guitar


The classical guitar is known as one of the 3 great musical instruments of the world, the other 2 being the piano and violin. A classical guitar is mainly used to play classical music, but it is also used to play a certain number of modern classics.
It's timbre is delicate and varied. It is able to produce rich polyphonic and harmonic sounds. It combines various special performing technique to bring music from different era, different styles and different ethnicity to life.
Music can cultivate one's mind and develop one's intellect, as well as add colour to our lives. We can even say that music is the everlasting main theme in the lives of human beings. Like the piano, there is also ABRSM exam for classical guitar. Our teacher Eileen, with her strong fundamentals in classical music, will lead students into the world of classical music where they can learn to appreciate its timeless charm.

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