Junior Music Class (Xiao Dou Dou Class)


Music plays a very important role in a child's growth and cultivating an interest in music is critical to his or her spiritual development. A child between the age of 3 and 5 years is the best time to learn music, because they are able to absorb new knowledge like a sponge. As a teacher and parent, we must adopt an open mindset and look far ahead!


Through music, a child will learn to live and appreciate life. Whatever profession he or she pursue in future, music will gift him or her with lifelong benefits. Scientific studies have shown that music increases the following abilities in children:


  1. Improves eye-hand coordination

  2. Improves the brain's reaction, imagination, creativity and memory.
    These skills are valuable both in life and for work

  3. Improves analytical skills and visual response. This is good for language learning.

  4. Improves emotional self-regulation. Many children display nervousness on stage.


However, if given a chance to perform again and again, their nervousness will gradually disappear. Using musical instruments, children will learn to read notations, beat and rhythm, play simple songs, practice Mandarin through songs, etc.

The teacher will introduce various musical games, letting music permeate the class as children "play". Waving their tiny hands and stamping their little feet in tune with the music, and dancing to the beat. Learning in a relaxing environment, children will soon feel that music is fun and enjoyable. The school also allows parents to accompany their children in class.



After graduating from Junior Music Class, children will proceed directly to the piano course to get ready for the ABRSM PREP TEST --Grade 1 to Grade 8 Exam.


Whether young or old, piano lessons are still people's first choice. Playing the piano or keyboard is beneficial in fostering eyes and hands coordination. It supports the functioning of both sides of the brain, especially the right side! Whether your goal is to ace the exam or for recreation, we have the most professional, most patient teachers to accompany you on your musical journey.



We have both pop piano and pop keyboard classes, where the teacher teaches you how to play the latest hits, the hottest songs, in the shortest amount of time.


For those who love to play one's own instrument and sing, they will learn how to play accompaniment music, vocal training, musical figures, finger dexterity, how to use chords, on-the-spot improvisation, playing for other singers, etc, in order to achieve their dream of going solo.


Junior Vocal

Is your child doing poorly in Mandarin? Is Chinese his or her weakest subject in school? A lot of parents lament that their children "have no interest in Chinese". We fully understand why parents are worried and upset. Through years of experience, our teachers know that learning pop songs is the most effective way to get children interested in learning Chinese!

​From their daily activities, parents can observe that children respond more positively to songs and music! So what is the way forward? Firstly, we have to show a child that learning Chinese can be fun! 


Our experienced teachers will use songs as teaching material, patiently guiding children in order to build up their interest. Their singing curriculum will firstly teach pinyin, how to pronounce lyrics, tap to the beat, and the meaning of the song. Children can learn a lot of Chinese words and phrases from singing lessons, and apply them in their homework. This will greatly improve their vocabulary and essay-writing skills! Through singing, a new window of learning will be opened to help children master the Chinese language.

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