Is your child doing poorly in Mandarin? Is Chinese his or her weakest subject in school? A lot of parents lament that their children "have no interest in Chinese". We fully understand why parents are worried and upset. Through years of experience, our teachers know that learning pop songs is the most effective way to get children interested in learning Chinese! 


From their daily activities, parents can observe that children respond most positively to songs and music! So what is the way forward? Firstly, we have to show a child that learning Chinese can be fun! Our experienced teachers will use songs as teaching material, patiently guiding children in order to build up their interest.


Our children's singing curriculum will firstly teach pinyin, how to pronounce lyrics, tap to the beat, and the meaning of the song. Children can learn a lot of Chinese words and phrases from singing lessons, and apply them in their homework. This will greatly improve their vocabulary and essay writing skills! Through singing, a new window of learning will be opened to help children master Chinese language.



Although older folks have less vigour than young people, that doesn't mean they cannot sing as beautifully! Our teacher has a vocalization program specially tailored to seniors, in order to train their voice to be clear and penetrating. So what is this program for seniors?


Senior students will learn to "feel" the different areas of the throat, how to open it wide and not lift it up, so as to create a clear air passage. At the same time, pay attention to the breathing, so that inhaling (breath) and exhaling (voice) can reach a state of synchronization.

Also pay attention to the pitch and rhythm, remain calm and go with the flow of the music. Students will also learn to read music. The teacher will interject at random with the keyboard, correcting, adjusting and coming up with a comprehensive plan tailored to the individual student.


Singapore is a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. As such, students can choose their favourite songs in any language to use in class. Our teacher can help you with Mandarin, English, Japanese, Cantonese and Hokkien songs! Whether the song is from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or the latest billboard hits, as long as you are keen, we will create an environment to immerse you into the wonderful world of music!



Many youngsters nowadays like to go for karaoke sessions with friends. Yet however hard they try, their singing does not seem to improve. Their throats feel squeezed, they get tired and fail to hit the high notes, their singing feels flat and emotionless, even a slightly challenging song seems to be beyond their ability. People around them couldn't get into the groove! Such response from their friends may steal away their interests.

All these problems really boil down to poor breathing and inability to sing with the diaphragm.

If you have these problems too, why not come and enrol in our classes? Our teachers will offer you professional guidance. They will correct your breathing to project your voice in a professional manner, to resolve problems such as having a tight throat, feeling out of breath, having a wobbly voice, etc, by singing with your diaphragm. They will also give detailed advice on how to sing in a melodious voice that will impress your listeners. As you gain in confidence, you will truly experience the joy of singing as you shine in front of family and friends!



Upon reaching their teens, students can select pop songs with meaningful lyrics, such as "Blue and White Porcelain" by Jay Chou or "A Little Happiness" by Hebe Tien, in order to maintain their interest in the language!

Our teachers use orthodox voice coaching to help students differentiate the various rhythms and tones, in order to cultivate their sense of music. By learning a song through multiple angles such as rhythm, pitch, understanding the lyrics etc. music will foster a greater impact on our students! Our school stresses the importance of protecting the vocal cords. Besides singing fundamentals, teachers will also coach students on the correct way of projecting their voice without harming their vocal cords.

Many children do not think of singing as ‘work’ and willingly participate in sessions.  Singing can be used as a tool to cultivate their imagination, memory and thinking skills in a number of different subjects. A singing tutor can cover subjects as diverse as English, Mother Tongue, Math or Science to aid a child in memorizing and understanding facts and keywords through lyrics. As the child progresses in singing classes, he or she would gradually grow in confidence.



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Did you know? Research has shown that singing greatly lowers our stress level. There is scientific proof that it is good for health and also environmentally friendly! To our friends out there who wish to de-stress and lose weight, come join us now and sing away your stress little by little! If you wish to sing well, you need coaching sessions by a professional trainer. Learning from the internet is very unlikely to produce the desired result, as everyone makes different mistakes in the course of their musical journey. Be it the high notes, low notes, chest voice, head voice, mixed voice, pitch, etc

You need professional coaching and correction in order to gain meaningful progress. Trying to learn in a haphazard manner, using improper voice projecting technique are not only a waste of time, it usually leads to students losing confidence and their passion for singing.


Thus, learning the fundamentals of singing is critical. A building needs a strong base to remain stable, and the same rule applies to singing as well. We need to build a strong foundation in our voice in order to sing longer without tiring and to sing with more power!

Our music program consists of the following:


1. Breathing exercise

2. Traditional vocal training

3. Pitch training by keyboard

4. Breath control

5. Basic theory (for beginner)

6. Song processing


After grasping these basic skills, students will learn how to apply them to their singing. Using a keyboard, the teacher will go through the lyrics sentence by sentence, imparting to each student the technique needed for that song. After a student is proficient with the whole song, the teacher will let him or her sing with a microphone to karaoke music. This is our Karaoke Sound System Training. This training lets students learn how to sing in tune to both the teacher's keyboard and karaoke music.


The school has a recording room where Intermediate and Advanced students practice singing on a sound stage. Through recording equipment, students will further refine their pitch. They will also experience the difference between recording and using a microphone like they normally do in karaoke. The effect is quite different!



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This program is tailored to those who are already proficient in their singing, and who aspire to perform in public. Nowadays, musical performance is no longer just about singing. In a certain way, it is also as much about visual impact! 

As a performing artiste, it is important to offer your audience both audio and visual entertainment. As society progresses, the public's expectation from a  singing artiste is also higher. An artiste must not only have a superb voice, he or she must also display the proper body language on stage! 

In this course, the teacher will teach basic. stage etiquette and how to mold an overall stage presence. Basic stage etiquette consists of eye movement, facial expression, hand gesture, body movement and lyrics recitation. Molding an overall stage presence consists of stage attire and image, correct use of the microphone, stage practice, proper emotion while singing, overcoming stage fright, etc. At the end of the course, students will be able to project an exciting stage persona wherever they perform!


For those who love to play one's own instrument and sing, they will learn how to play accompaniment music, vocal training, musical figures, finger dexterity, how to use chords, on-the-spot improvisation, playing for other singers, etc, in order to achieve their dream of going solo.

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